Silks of Sheba is where tradition meets creativity. The brand’s mission is to celebrate Africa's timeless, mystical, vibrant tradition while highlighting the continent’s rich colors and unique patterns through versatile silk scarves, hand bag and apparel. More than simply a fashion statement, silks of Sheba designs have an incredibly rich history of a great and ingenious people of Africa. They are a symbol of status, hierarchy, and allegiance to tribal roots. Our color variations hold incredible meaning depending on the tribes and sub-groups of the culture in Africa. 

Our Inspiration 

In the ancient world, Africa was home to some of the world’s oldest kingdoms. From the Ashanti kingdom in the west to the Aksumite empire to the east, there were dynamic queens, which led their kingdoms with precision and power. we named our brand after the queen of Sheba and her legendary Aksumite empire, which was an ancient kingdom centered in Northern Ethiopia, in the Tigray region in the city of Axum and across the red sea to the inner Arabian desert in the east. The Aksumites developed Africa's only indigenous written script, Geez. 

The following is a list of some of the main colors we used in silks of sheba signature scarves along with the meanings they hold. While there may be a slight difference depending on which African culture is being represented, for the most part, the following colors hold the same meaning for the vibrant nation of Africa.

White: Like in many cultures, white symbolizes spirituality and purity. It is not seen in a lot of clothing because it is reserved for special events.

Gold: With so many hoping for a prosperous and rich life, it’s no surprise that gold is used so often as it represents wealth and fertility.

Green: Although not used as often as gold, green also represents prosperity. It is also a medicinal color representing health in life.

Blue: The most harmonious of all colors, blue represents love and peace. It symbolizes the earth, the sky, and water.